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YUNDAI PWC Boat Fender


Product Description

-Fit for: Jet ski fender for sea-doo/ Kawasaki/Yamaha and so on. PWC fender fits

most of the motorboat, pontoon. Contour boat fenders, fairly different from the

usual round bumpers, works excellent as sturdy boat protector.

-Universal PWC Fender Mooring Protection. Mooring operation is one of the important

tasks that seafarers have to perform on ship’s deck. The boat fenders can protect your

personal watercraft from collision and make the berth easier and safer.

-The fenders and ropes are made of durable, high quality wear resisting PU leather

and 6cm thick pearl wool. Size of each boat fender: 18" x 6.5" x 2.4".

-Includes 2x boat fenders and 2x ropes.


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